Welcome to Meme Royale

Stake-to-make strategy game. Create your meme-nations, stake your tokens, and FOOK everyone up. Winner earns the bounty. Launching on Pump Fun.

Exclusively on


Solono Blukchain

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Choose & Stake in your nation or create your own!

Create a nation or join one. Stake $ROYALE tokens into nations and sub-pools to gain ownership and voting rights in that pool. You can stake in any nation pool you'd like! Each nation will have three sub-pools consisting of Attack, Defense and Production pools.

Vote & Wage War

The faction can vote on when to declare war on other nations and face off against competitors. You and the other majority holders can can influence the decision by staking your tokens in attempt to gain majority vote and gain control over the pool.

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Loot Enemy Staking Rewards

After waging war, your team will take loot from the losing nation pool and distribute it among stakers proportional to the percentage ownership in the winning pool.


Tokenomics of $ROYALE token. Simple but effective.

Total Supply: 1 Billion

Community & Fair Launch: 100%

Wars Fueled by $ROYALE Token

  • Nation Revenue Sharing

  • Deep Liquidity Provided

  • 100% Liquidity Burned

  • Unlimited War Bounty Loot


Fight in war anywhere, anytime.

Don't come up with excuses about why you can't fight and join the war. We've made the dApp available to you everywhere.

Gear up for war pussy.